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M. Morgan Bernal, Attorney at Law


I practice family law in the greater Boston area with an office in Canton. My goal is to assist both men and women in divorce, child custody and support proceedings, paternity, and modifications that arise post judgement in regards to child support, college expenses, visitation and custody. As a divorced, single parent, I understand the emotional and financial struggles faced by parents in Massachusetts. I became a licensed mediator in order to assist clients in navigating family law matters without litigation. 


I have extensive experience working with victims in court, particularly women and children who were physically or sexually abused. My criminal background experience exposed me to the intersection between civil and criminal law: domestic violence. Most victims want an attorney who "just gets it," and it has been my experience than many do not "get it" nor do they feel comfortable representing or relating to clients with a domestic violence component to their case. 

After years of family law litigation, I became a guardian ad litem in order to assist parties struggling with issues of custody in divorce, guardianship matters or paternity cases. I work efficiently with the parties and their counsel with a heightened awareness that this service is not inexpensive. My reports are detailed and submitted to the court in a timely manner. 


Family law wears many faces: the joys of marriage and the roller coaster of divorce, custody and support battles. My clients will have the utmost empathy and compassion and the freedom to share their thoughts, fears and goals with me throughout the representation.  


In addition, I help families of all shapes and sizes (single, married,  same-sex marriage, divorced, separated, etc.) draft wills, living wills, and create trust for their children, grandchildren or partners in the event of incapacitation or death. Trusts can also be created for college savings and other educational purposes; it is never too early to start planning for your child's future.  Often, couples wait until divorce proceedings begin to draft wills, and a family law attorney has to recommend another lawyer.


Though born and raised in the South, I attended undergrad at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA (2000-2004) and law school at Northeastern University School of Law in Boston. I now call Massachusetts my home. I belong to the Boston Bar Association, the Massachusetts Bar Association, the Women's Bar Association of Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Council on Family Law Mediation and the Academy of Professional Mediators. I take low bono cases from the Jewish Family and Children Services in Waltham, MA and volunteer as a court appointed ARC (Attorney Representing Children) for the Family and Probate Courts of the Commonwealth. 

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